MAYFAIR 1386EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat

MAYFAIR 1386EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat

MAYFAIR 1386EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat

Customer Reviews :

1. It worked for a while and was comfy to sit on. For us girls especially, no more sitting on a cold toilet seat. It didn’t take very long beforehand seat started cracking, causing bums to be a pinch, and several others in my home experience getting cut, which shouldn’t happen after reading the product description that never mentioned such an embarrassing risk. The edges of the thick plastic torn are SHARP!

How embarrassing would a trip to ER be to explain a laceration on the buttocks due to a torn toilet seat with very sharp plastic? I even had guests over for a birthday party where I was horrified and embarrassed {equally for them to tell me the had a cut in a very private area due to a toilet seat in YOUR bathroom that you raved about?!} I removed one star {which I feel was rather generous considering the embarrassment I and my friends endured by being cut in the butt by an overpriced toilet seat that was supposed 2 hold up!

My advice: it’s worth the time to read reviews. That, and be sure to purchase a seat with a warranty and better quality materials used to prevent this from occurring, which companies are more than happy to inform you about in order to beat the competition! I’ve provided a photo so you can see the tear. It’s progressively getting worse, and another is starting to form. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s as painful as it is embarrassing…for myself as well as my friends/family.

2. I wasn’t sure how much of a rise this toilet seat would give me. But the couple inches does make a difference getting up and down when you have bad knees. The only thing I don’t like about this is that it stains and you can’t get the stains out! I have a messy son and husband when it comes to wiping their behind. I use my wipe sanitizer to clean it and I’ve tried the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. It is still stained. Also, as my husband mentioned the hole isn’t as wide and he has to tuck his “junk” in. I wouldn’t know about that! Lol, I’m still looking for something else. More at

3. I got this soft toilet seat as a gift for my wife. Sounds weird, I know, but she loved it! Her biggest pet peeve is sitting on a cold hard toilet seat once the weather starts getting cold, so I decided to surprise her with this. So far we’re very happy with it.

The seat fits perfectly on our round toilet. Installation took about 3 minutes. It’s designed with a quick-release so that you can remove it, clean the toilet, and put it back on, though we haven’t taken advantage of this yet (oops, guess we should clean more). The embroidered butterfly is a really nice touch, too. The seat itself is VERY soft and plush.

I’ve seen so many of these things that are practically unusable because you have to keep the lid closed — it’s so thick that, when opened, it sits at the wrong angle and falls closed. Not with this seat. Great design. Very pleased overall. I will report back some months later when I can make some comments about its durability and longevity, but so far things look good on that front.

4. Of all the things I’ve bought this year, this is the best purchase, by far. It’s only a bit over $30, but for that little bitty price, you change the experience–several times a day–from one that’s cold and hard to one that’s warm and soft. Several times a day, every day of your life. What a difference! Every time I use it, I’m glad I bought it. I’ll never buy any other kind going forward.

It’s very pretty, by the way, not that I needed a pretty cover, but it is, anyway, which is a bonus, because no matter what it looked like, I’d buy this again. I’ll never buy any other kind of seat. If this wears out, I don’t care, I’ll buy another one. Why people buy hard, wooden or hard plastic toilet seats becomes a mystery when you go a different way. Thank you, Mayfair!

5. I bought this to replace the hard moulded seat that came with my new toilet. It was very easy to install and the connection is designed to release the seat for easier cleaning around the top of the bowl. It is not a slow-closing lid. The seat support is at the hinge at the back and one additional support on either side at the front. I would like to see an additional support mid-way between to handle the weight of a larger-sized person.

Bad Reviews:

1. Looks great and works fine. Installed easily. Unfortunately, it is just a little over 2 months of use and already the seam is opening up on one side. This is a replacement for the one originally received. The first one had a small hole at the seam when I got it. Guess I should have taken that as a bad sign. I thought it was just where something poked it.

Especially if you are a male there Is a significant cut hazard at the interior seem, although I think children or anyone with soft hands could also get cut. We noticed early on that the inside diameter was smaller than a standard seat, but accepted that as a tradeoff for the hinge design that allows easy removal for cleaning.

That does seem to be the cause of some of the smaller opening but they could and should do better. It becomes really important when you discover the interior seem is quite sharp. Discovered the hard way that tender skin can easily be scratched or even cut if you move just wrong. It seems the position and orientation of that seem changes slightly over time making the cuts and scratches more likely. Now wish I could give this my first ever zero stars.

2. When I initially got this toilet seat, I loved it. The embroidery on it is bright and has lovely colours. I have now had it a total of less than 6 months, and the white of it has turned an ugly yellow. I’ve tried to whiten it with magic erase sponges, Windex, and I finally resorted to bleach, but nothing works. I will have to get a new toilet seat, but definitely not one like this. I am very disappointed.