Fix A Lava Lamp

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Lava lamp is the special lamp-based on the fluid movements. When the lamp has the wax and translucent liquid inside at once, they both can’t mixed, therefore, it creates the amazing effect. When that liquid have been heat from bottom, wax is then pushed upwards because of the heat and because of this, unique motion fluid is produced inside a lamp. The wax has different colors that reflect various shades of the light when it is been lit. The lamp jars are being made with various designs and styles. It is the best decorative piece in a house interior.

The working of the lava lamp is supposed to add the retro chic look in the home decor. After you have paid the money to buy this lamp you need it be in a pristine working order. Luckily, there are various steps that you may take to fix the common faults of this lava lamp. However, these steps require the vital level of care because of the delicate nature which this lava lamp have, and the mechanisms which may break when fixing it. Here are the steps to fix a lava lamp:

Step 1

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You need to leave a lamp while being plugged in and then switched on for about four hours if the coil are floating to top or standing on end. This continuous running process is supposed to clear any problem; though, it’s not fail-safe. If this does not work as required you need to move to the next step. More at

Step 2

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In this step you need to put on pair of the oven gloves because the lamp will get very hot and also you will be required to rotate the lamp at its base gently. Once there is full rotation of the lamp, switch the lamp to another four hours up to when the coil will drop down. You need to repeat step 1 and step 2 very often to remedy any problem with a coil.

Step 3

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With step 3, you need to switch off the lava lamp if there is no flow of the lava. This can indicate the overheating problem mostly if the rounded dome shape have occurred to the lava. For two hours make the power of before you switch it on again.

Step 4

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You need to move away the lava lamp carefully from any device which can be heating or cooling it that can affect the operation. The temperature which is surrounding lava lamp is supposed to be kept 68 to 74 degrees F. this means nothing is allowed to affect it.

Step 5

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Inspect the bulb visually to see whether it is broken. The broken bulb, generally, cannot melt the wax and also allow the function of the lava lamp. If the lava bulb is broken, there is need of fixing another one.

People who are using lamps face different situations, when they want to fix a lava lamp, no one will worry now for there is the solution. When you follow those steps, any problem that can arise you will solve it easily and with a lot of confidence.