How To Choose The Best Bulb For A Salt Lamp?


Salt lamps can make a nice addition to any room or interior style. However, you need to make sure you use the right type of light bulb to achieve the desired effect. This article shows you how to choose the best bulb for salt lamp in terms of power, lighting type, size, and color temperature.

Many people think that the more powerful a light bulb, the better. In fact, this depends on the way you’re going to use your lamp. Most people who buy a salt lamp need it only to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. If this is also what you want, you should choose a low-power bulb.

This will provide you with a diffuse light that would allow you to unwind after a hard day at work, to watch TV, or to enjoy some quality time with your family or friends. Furthermore, a too powerful bulb may need frequent replacements, as too much power leads to a higher amount of generated heat.


In order to prevent the light bulb from burning out too quickly, you should choose a LED light. The biggest advantage of LED light bulbs is that they don’t get hot. You can safely leave your lamp on all night long without worrying that the bulb might burn out. If you have small children, you should choose LED lighting for all lamps in your home to protect the kids from getting injured. The drawback of using a LED bulb with a salt lamp, however, is that you don’t get the health benefits of this type of lighting appliance.

In terms of size, you should always ensure that you can install the bulb with your hand, without the need for additional tools. The best thing to do is to buy a bulb that’s identical to the one that comes with your lamp. This should take the guesswork out of the equation. Always observe the type of socket before you place your order. If you buy the wrong one, you’ll need to return the bulb and ask for a refund.


The color temperature is something worth taking a closer look into. Warm light is always nicer for relaxation purposes. However, some people prefer colder light, as this helps them create a daylight-like environment. This is a matter of personal preference, so pick the color temperature that makes you happy.

It’s worth mentioning here, though, that salt lamps alter the color of the light, making it warmer. For best results, you should try different light bulbs right in the store, before buying your lamp. If you prefer to order it online, you’ll need to rely on the product images.

A salt lamp with the right bulb can make an excellent decor element and a relaxing feature you’d be happy to have in your home. When you find the perfect bulb for your lamp, consider buying a few more and store them in a safe place. This is the easiest way to have a spare one at hand whenever needed. More at